Class Instructor Information for 2019

The following is information regarding instructors, class descriptions, kits and / or supplies.


Jennifer Lynn Fairbanks – Porcelynne
Bra Drafting, Fitting, and Construction

Drafting a Basic Bra Workshop 

The drafting workshop includes the following techniques: drafting a band based on wire size and style and the cup based on the bust shape and volume. Different shaping methods for the cup are covered, including a rounded cup, projected cup, and minimizer cup. The cup draft will be a basic 2-3 piece cup that can be altered for various designs.

Bare Essentials Book: is required for this drafting course. The third edition is slated for release prior to this course. Details on book requirements will be announced closer to the class date.

Basic drafting items will be requires: pencils, erasers, tape measure, straight ruler (12” minimum) and curved rulers. A flexible ruler is required. Flexible rulers can be purchased on

Sports Bra Fitting and Construction Workshop:

The sports bra class is an all-inclusive hands-one class of fitting and constructing of one of the Porcelynne sports bra patterns. Students can select either the Christina Sports Bra or the Laurel Sports Bra for their project. Both patterns offer 182 separate sizes from 28A through 52N. Three separate elastic finishes for the necklines and armhole will be demonstrated. Students can also select to mix and match the patterns if they own both patterns.

Kit Information

Participants can select to have the pattern printed and delivered to the conference center the day of the class or have it mailed. All patterns must be printed prior to arriving on site for the class.

Kit Information

Additional kits will be made available by request. See the pattern descriptions for supplies needed for the sports bra selected.


Bodil Friman – B, Wears Pattern Group

Angie Bra – Beginner Class

During these two days, Bodil will work with the students on her very first first bra pattern release “Angie.” The day will begin discussing the difference between her drafting method and others drafting methods. Then each student is measured using Bodil’s method and decide which sizing of the Angie Bra is most appropriate considering this sizing is different than whats familiar. If one knows their correct wire size, it would be best to have it available at the time of fitting. We will also discuss differences in patterns and personal fit changes.


After the fitting and using the proper size ranges, the tracing method of patterns will begin.  The discussions will also include: fabric talk (what works and does not work) and the various types of elastics and use some of those in the class.  We will also cut our fabrics for the bra and begin bra assembly and construction; in this section we will learn to fit as we go along.  that we use in this class, will cut out our pieces in fabric and start sewing and fitting as we go along. By Friday afternoon, everyone should have a good fit and pattern to continue to work with after the workshop is over.

There is no pressure to finish your bra, the most reward is learned from the hands on experience and learning proper fit.

Bra Kit for Conference

Angie Bra Pattern


Sweet Cup Supply Owner

Camille Murrain – Sweet Cup Bra Supply
Business Basics for Your Custom Bra-Making Company

Thinking of starting a custom bra-making business?

This class will cover setting up a sole proprietorship, pricing your work, contracts to protect yourself and your client, advertising, and best practices. This class is great for those who are just starting their businesses, and those who need a refresher.

This is a two-hour session and handouts will be given out during class. You are also welcome to take notes.



*Class descriptions are subject to change with the demand of workshop
*It is highly recommended you purchase pattern and / or kit as suggested by the Instructor
*Lack of proper materials can cause a unforeseen learning curve
*Agenda and class instruction is finalized day of workshop

All workshops are 8 hours in length with planned lunch and am / pm breaks